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I think, especially for young people, bringing them together in a team concept like PGA Junior League Golf and making them feel part of one goal or one purpose is incredibly valuable. They have the chance to accomplish something great together.
– Rory McIlroy

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PGA Junior League Golf is a fun, social and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls, ages 13 and under, to learn and enjoy the game of golf from PGA and LPGA Professionals. Like many other recreational youth sports, participants wear numbered jerseys and play on teams with friends.

2020 Junior Golf Events

The Total Golf Experience!

The purpose of the ACC Junior Golf School is to provide junior golfers the total golfing experience! Though this is a stand-alone golf school, it is designed to build upon the skills that have been taught during the ACC Junior Golf Program. The program will involve more than simply showing juniors how to improve their swings. We will point out the importance of improving the overall golfing experience, which requires structured learning and practice, as well as a variety of playing and social opportunities.

We, as PGA Professionals take our responsibility for junior golf very seriously, both because of a desire to help young people and because we are looking to the future of the game and the business.  Sponsoring junior programs and connecting with local and regional junior golf associations are some ways that ACC will provide continuing reinforcement for budding skills and awareness of The Rules of Golf, etiquette and good course management.

Successful junior golfer development has three major components:

  • Orientation to the game and the facility:  Orientations are designed to educate the player about golf, make them feel more comfortable in a new environment and provide direction for pursuing their interest in the game.
  • Instruction:  Effective instructional programs will address all facets of play and offer a variety of organized learning opportunities, including clinics, ongoing individual programs and instructor-facilitated practice and play.  The programs and services are designed to promote a step-by-step progress towards greater skill and enjoyment.
  • Organized Practice and Play:  Organized practice and play are becoming more important. Learning and playing golf will be as convenient as possible.